Mothman: Return to Point Pleasant

I was fortunate enough to meet Scott Donnelly through a mutual connection and he kindly let me have an early look at the upcoming title Mothman: Return to Point Pleasant. I read it in a single day, which I almost never do, but every time I put it down I went right back to it.

Put simply? I liked it. The author makes effective use of the lore and history of the Mothman to tell a fictional story which picks up right where accounts from Point Pleasant often leave off - the collapse of the Silver Bridge. What follows is a fast paced horror show that plays out much like a movie, with effective use of foreshadowing, high stakes and a cast of likeable characters. The descriptive imagery is especially strong, and I found myself re-reading more than one passage out of appreciation for the wordplay. I'm absolutely here for anything that adds to the Mothman mythology, fictional or otherwise, and Scott Donnelly demonstrates both a passion for and strong knowledge of the source material. The EBook became available on Amazon on 2/14/22 and IMO is well worth the price of admission. Bring me all the Cryptid Horror stories and I will absolutely buy them. Bonus points for using the names Wamsley, Keel and Loren as Easter eggs, and for describing downtown Point Pleasant with impeccable accuracy.

Thank you to Scott for asking me to review the book and to Karly for putting us in touch!

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