This new collection of three novellas from James C. Harberson III will send you through a loop. If you don't have time for the rest of this review then know this - you want to read this book.

I spend a lot of time with my nose buried in volumes on ghosts, cryptids and folklore. While this is an interesting, engaging and educational pursuit, there are times when it isn't exactly fun. As such, I'm always on the lookout for reads that ARE fun, and Comorbidities delivers in spades.

Each story can be read in one or two sittings depending on your reading pace. As soon as you've realised how sad you are that the previous one has ended, the next story kicks into high gear and gives you no time to miss your new fictional friends. Not to say that you won't - Mr. Harberson could very easily expand any of these characters or situations into future tales, and I don't mind admitting that I hope he considers it.

A few things go into the way I form an opinion about fictional volumes, and James nails all of my benchmarks. Believable and engaging dialogue, interesting and unique plotlines, story flow that doesn't distract from the story itself, characters I can root for (or against) and other pedantic criteria. The three tales in Comorbidities will shock, delight, amuse and leave the reader wanting more. I'm eagerly watching my newsfeed for announcements about any upcoming projects, and highly recommend you do the same. The author's other published works (A Disgusting Supermarket of Death and the graphic novel Stay Alive) are available on Amazon and have already found their way into my cart.

This R-rated romp will appeal to fans of horror, science fiction, the paranormal, the macabre and other areas of strangeness without friction. Consider it a "Hey Strangeness Essential."

Mr. Harberson provided a copy of the book for me to read but did not request a review or any kind of promotion. This is my sincere take, and I really hope you check it out.